Log Replacement

Log ReplacementAdirondack Log Home Services has replaced many logs in homes throughout New Hampshire, Vermont and New York throughout the years. We know all the methods of construction of log homes and replicate the same processes in replacing the logs.  There are many reasons a log may rot and we assess why certain logs are more susceptible  to rot and take measures to keep any recurrences.

Identifying the rot can be done in a few different ways. Tapping on the logs with a hammer is a great way to find the logs that have begun to rot but shows no visual signs. A log that has begun to rot will have a distinctive hollow sound and the recoil of the hammer will be more springy.  A visual inspection may show greying and/or insect holes.

The most susceptible areas are below the windows, logs closer to the foundation, and  the ends of logs.

Other reasons logs rot out include:

  • Shrubs planted too close to the home
  • Lack of rain gutters or improper installation
  • Chinking and caulking failure
  • Short roof over-hangs
  • Flat surfaces on the top of logs
  • Logs not treated
  • Door and window trim improperly installed
  • Vine growth
  • Flashing failure
  • Decks and porches improperly flashed
  • Improper venting in the crawl-space
  • Lack of maintenance

It’s important to replace logs as soon as as the rot is discovered. Rot will continue to spread for as long as it’s left untreated and will become exceedingly more expensive with each season.

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